About us

PLC Cables is a trading name for PLC Hardware. PLC Hardware Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2009 (to import PLC Hardware) - and has enjoyed exceptional growth.

David Askew, the owner of PLC Hardware, commented We were frustrated at the local pricing policy, it was biased towards big companies with their own projects departments. We were also disappointed by the lack of specialized product knowledge at local sales offices, but didnt  really think there was an alternative. We didnt realize there was an option, at first we thought it was illegal to buy from overseas - and that the goods would be unsupported or defective in some way. That just wasnt the case. Although initially we did find several sharks/suppliers that were unreliable, our supply chain is now first rate.

PLC Hardware has found the sailing smooth and is one of a few importers that have sprung up recently. "There are a few synergies e.g. we are not limited to one vendor and held to one area, but I think the main reason is price, with savings of around 50%, there is an increasing number of companies prepared to use imported hardware. In terms of growth we passed $1M in revenue within our first 4 months.                 

Please contact us if there is anyway we can be of service.